Solar Construct Limited

The company was incorporated in 2003 but before then  it was trading as Interio Construct where water heating was an arm until it was made independent. Renewable and independent fuel  sources are of increasing concern to many people. Therefore, we at Solar Construct believe that the sustainable use of energy and renewable energy systems makes for comfortable living and a more secure future.

While the cost of oil, gas, and hydro electricity continues to rise, energy from the sun is in abundance and free of charge. For years, solar energy  has been considered an  alternative. We have installed over 20,000 solar water heating systems to our clients widely spread all over East Africa. This has reduced the cost of power bills.

This quality  technology  is undeniably  cost-effective  and simple  to install. We  provide  you  with customer tailored and  affordable  European  standard  solar  water  heating  solutions  which  can  cater  for almost 100% of your demand for hot water everyday. 

Global warming has affected our planet and we at Solar Construct encourage use of renewable energy in order to protect and conserve the environment! More to this, renewable energy creates efficiency and reduces costs over the long run. We encourage you to visit us for renewable solar water heating solutions and you begin saving for the future.

Our clients